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Connect tableau desktop to alteryx mongdb to query connections

7 - Meteor

Howdy folks,

I'm hoping some of you have done this and have some tips for me.

I want to use Tableau desktop to connect to the MongoDB repository database for alteryx, specifically looking to create reports for viewing alteryx job connections (oracle, DB2, etc...) and/or schedules.


Has anyone done this?  How/what did you need to connect?


Thank you!

Jamie Golden


@jgolden the Server Usage Report that can be installed should be able to report on most if not all of this. Give that a go as low hanging fruit.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

as @RishiK says, start with the server usage report.


I have seen people connect Tableau directly to their MongoDB on their prod Alteryx server - I would NOT recommend this because every time the Tableau dashboard is refreshed or queried, it creates contention between Alteryx and Tableau trying to access the MongoDB.    The more people who view this Tableau, the more your Alteryx server gets impacted.


Much better would be to build a quick Alteryx job to read out of your MongoDB during a quiet time, and write the results into an analytical DB that you can really hammer.


The team have documented the MongoDB Schema here - in case you need to know what collections you need to copy:



11 - Bolide

@SeanAdams I second this approach, and it's exactly what I did.  I run an incremental refresher workflow quite frequently to pull new data from the MongoDB and store in SQL.  All my reporting dashboards are built over the SQL database.