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Clear logs of mongo db



We have installed on 3 VMs Alteryx Server (1: Gallery, 2: Controller&Scheduller, 3: Worker).

On second VM we have installed also mongodb which Alteryx server uses it.

We have now problem because disc of this VM is full as database is growing....

What we can do to clear some old data/logs from this mongodb. Is it some configuration in Alteryx which can automate clear this logs?


Best regards.


Something to be aware of with MongoDb, is that as workflows are run on the Service layer, a certain amount of space is allocated for the workflow to run. Data is saved in the MongoDb space and eventually will be deleted. The issue with MongoDb is that after the entries are removed from within the Db, the Db does not release that space back in to the Windows environment. The best and quickest resolution to this is to establish a regular back-up cadence with the Alteryx Server. During this back up process you will want to "restore" your backed-up MongoDb. This will clear the allocated memory and return it back to Windows. You can read more via the excellent article ( written by @KevinP who is a Server expert within the Customer Support department.