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Change workflow ownership in Gallery

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Is there a preferred way to change ownership of a workflow in Gallery?  


As the server administrator of our organization, I would like to reassign workflows of users who have moved on.  I can make it so the new user can download the workflow and republish it, but it seems like that's a very cubersome process involving permission and role changes.


I'm looking to see if Alteryx has a documented process to do this that's not so tedious.




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Can you provide us that application?

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Flat out painful.
Please take a look at how Tableau Server does things. So much easier to manage things.

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This has been updated to "Coming soon" (potentially 2024)

There is also a workaround option to mark a workflow's history as "visible to others" in workflow settings.

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I tried the API approach, copied the example body syntax and yet it errors: 

{ "message": "Invalid Subscription." }


Anyone have any joy using this workaround

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I am finding this frustrating. Hoping that this as well as ability for admins (or even everyone is same collection) to see all runs is added when subscriptions finally go.

We have multiple scheduled workflows, that a number of team members monitor. At the weekend a few failed and a team member manually ran the workflows. Unfortunatley, even, though history is shared, noone else in the team / same studio can tell that those workflows have now been successfully run because the history is for schedules (or owner?) only. We have got around this by building a query using MongoDB connectors, but frustrating that it isn't in the Gallery UI.

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I was searching again for any great answers on the problem of wanting to change ownership on a workflow - frustrating that a very obvious requirement cannot be easily done. 

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Hey All! Workflow Admin Manager will allow you to transfer ownership of 1 or 100s of workflows with a few clicks.  It also has reports that analyze security, what's in/not in studios/collections, and allows you to migrate them around. It also allows you to move your workflows from one Server/Gallery to another with a GUI.


The goal was to help the Alteryx Server admins and auditors by adding features we all need to scale Alteryx safely and easily.


The video here is a snip from a webinar we did with a full review of WAM.