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Chained Analytic Apps limitations

8 - Asteroid

I have seen some older threads saying there is a limit to the number of chained apps allowed.  The threads also said the issue was being looked at by Alteryx.


Does anyone know if this issue is resolved?  I have an app that chains 13 workflows.  But, I can't get past #9.  



Hello @afinzerillo

There is no limit to the number of apps that can be chained, only that the prior app finishes in 30 seconds before the next app begins.
So if App #9 takes longer than 30 seconds, app #10 will not run.



Community Moderator
8 - Asteroid

Hi @TrevorS 


I think you're wrong.  I chained 11 apps together that do nothing more than take a text input of 1 and write it out to Excel.  I can run all 11 when launching the first app from either designer or file explorer.  But, only the first 8 apps run when ran from my private studio.


I've also added the chainedTimeout="3600" to my alteryx.config file to increase the 30 second timeout to 1 hour.  Found that trick in another thread and it worked.  I had another chained app that was bombing because of timeout.  


Another bug with Alteryx.  If you search threads, folks have been complaining about this for a while.  And it was supposed to be fixed.




As far as I can tell, you are correct that this is a known issue.  We don't have any projection as to when we might increase the number of chained apps permitted.  Instead we recommend you combine the steps to reduce the number of apps.  Please see this discussion.

Lisa LePome
Senior Customer Support Engineer -- Knowledge Management Coach
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