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Can't Publish Workflow to Collection as Artisan User- Alteryx Server

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Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding share workflow to the collection as artisan user. I have workflow in Private Studio and want to share to the collection, however, there has no option to share in the collection at the sharing tab.
Is anyone know why? If I do not mistake Artisan can share workflow to the collection.



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It looks like maybe you are not set as an artisan properly in Server. You should see a Schedule button. Can you have someone check how you are set up on server?



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Or it could be you are not being added to the Collection. Someone with the User Management capabilities will have to add you into the collection in order for you to add content. The permission setting of a Collection will look like this:



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Hi @wwatson ,


Thank you for your response. Do you means this setting? Because I already set this option to Yes.



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I have the same issue. I am admin of the server and an user is an Artisan, but cannot add to Collections in version 2020.1 (in previous version 2019.4 it was possible). An Artisan user can schedule job, has access to a Collection, but option "Add to Collection" is missing. Does it have to do with a new version? I don't want to give all Artisan users Curator rights so that they are able to move workflows to a Collection.

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I believe I'm having this same issue. I'm an Artisan via an LDAP (Active Directory group) and we do not have any options to publish to the collection.

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we are having the same issue

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This is a reply from Alteryx Support


It seems like with Alteryx Server 2020.1+ the adding to a collection from the workflow page is indeed reserved for Curators.


If a user is part of a Collection, they can add workflows to it by the following steps below:

1. Sign in to Alteryx Gallery

2. Select Collections

3. Select the Collection where you want to add assets

4. Select Add Workflows - Apps and Macros can be also added via Add Workflows button

5. In the search bar, type the Workflow name and select the Workflow when it appears in the list.


Hope this helps.

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Thank you for the comment.

Do we have any ETA when this capability would be available to users that have other than curator role, but do have access to the collection?


thank you

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I am having this same issue I do not see a place to share my workflow although I see the schedule button and have access to add workflows to collections but am not given any workflows to add when I select this option.