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Calling Alteryx Server from Command Line in ESP

One of our users needs to be able to run Alteryx from the command line as part of a longer process running from ESP (our enterprise scheduler).

The Alteryx workflow needs to run on our server.

In order to make that happen; does this need to run on the Controller or a Worker?

Are there any risks?

My concern is with running it on the controller - would we be effectively tying up a resource needed to send jobs out to workers?


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @patrick_mcauliffe, this can be achieved by using the AlteryxService.exe command line interface to run these workflows.  The addtoqueue command will schedule a workflow for immediate execution by placing the job into the execution queue on your controller.  You won't need to designate whether the workflow is run on the Controller or a Worker as the Controller will handle the queuing of the jobs which are then automatically picked up by the next available worker.  This behavior is a lot like when a workflow has been scheduled to run using the Alteryx Scheduler.  Here's a link to a Community post on the Server command line that you might find helpful:  I hope this helps and feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions!

Julie Mendelson
Product Owner

Thanks @JulieM.  How could I have missed something so simple as addtoqueue!?


Once submitted, is there any way to determine when the workflow completes and if it completed successfully?  I don't see a way, but thought I'd confirm.




@JeffSpilinek Although there may be other methods, the way I determined was to have a second workflow check the record in the MongoDB.


Thanks JulieM. Is there a way that addtoqueue can broadcast error messages back to a third party scheduler like the AlteryxEngineCmd does? 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@TTFSlvUnfortunately, not in the current implementation, but I can definitely see how this would be useful to have in the Server command line.  To @JeffSpilinek's point, success and error indicators would certainly seem useful here so I am documenting this on my side here to see if we can look at adding this functionality for a future enhancement.  I also encourage posting this as an Idea in the Idea's forum so other folks who are interested in this type of functionality can add stars to vote this up.  Thank you!

Julie Mendelson
Product Owner