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CReW macro error: "SupportingExes\AlteryxRunner.exe" returned an error code: -1073741819

I've run into the same issue.  I am not running the server version, only local to my machine.  But I had 3 specific events happen in the last week since I used the macro last:


1.  Got a new laptop

2.  New laptop has Windows 10 (old was running 7)

3.  Updated Alteryx to v3.2


I uninstalled the Crews tools and reinstalled, built a new macro, made certain the paths I used were correct, and still received the same error.  Then I created a new sample workflow, new macro, got the same results. 


Help?  Direction?  Guesses?  Black Magic?  I'll take anything you got......



I reverted back to 2019.2

Alteryx knows about it and it's an official ticket with them.


You are running into a know Defect: "DE21165 - Crew Macro Runner crashes on Alteryx Designer 2019.3". The fix will be included with be a fix update for 2019.3 and it is targeted for end of October, 2019.