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Attaching assets to CReW runner

12 - Quasar

Hi all


Is it somehow possible to attach assets to a workflow with CReW runner, so that the workflows being run have access to the assets?


In this case I have a user needing to run a workflow on the server. She would run the workflow using her credentials (no service account option). Since she'd not an admin on the server she can't remote onto the server and install the file connections there. I also have to use the green input tool as it's a 32bit ODBC connection, so I can't do a file connection. It's set up on the gallery as a connection. Now how can I get the workflow being run by the CReW runner to pick up on this?


Thanks for any ideas!


12 - Quasar

@AdamR - can you maybe help?


User Settings -> Adavnanced -> Display Asset Management in Properties Window


Then for a given tool, in the config pane there is a new icon: above the help icon and below the annotaion icon.


Click on this and you can manually add assets to a particular tool.


Does that help?

Adam Riley
Principal Software Engineer
Tech Lead Core Engines, Alteryx