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Application not uploading properly to Alteryx Gallery (giving reference error)

7 - Meteor

Hi all,


So I just finished this application (which works perfectly on the local server). It's function is to grab all the excel files in a folder, find a specific sheet, and give a summarized output. 



However, when I upload the app to alteryx gallery, it gives this error: 




It removes the wildcard input that I originally had in the application and only lets me pick one file at a time. It is also not allowing me to upload the file for some reason even to this discussion page. Does anyone have any ideas??



Any help at all is appreciated! Thank you!




The error references Safe mode which is a set as the default run mode on your Gallery - you can find out more about what it means here.


In your case, the problem is that your workflow accesses files on non-local drives and such processes are blocked from running in Safe mode.


Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @apaicanada 


It looks like your gallery is configured to run in safe mode:


Safe: Workflows accessing or storing data on non-lo Safe: cal drives, or using
certain tools and events, will be blocked from running. The tools and
events include: Run Command tool, Download tool, Email tool, R tool, Run
Command event, and Send Email event.