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Alteryx server and designer update

6 - Meteoroid

Hi All,


I am new with Alteryx and we have a requirement to update our server and designer version from 2018.1.6 to 2020.2.3.

 Please let me know what all backups I need and what all best practices I need to follow before running an update. Our Alteryx server is running on windows server.

Please share if there is any update/install document.


Thank you


Hi @Sandy8704 - Did you read documentation? There is Upgrade Server section: 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @Sandy8704,


I second @ArtApa that documentation is pretty complete and proven to work, the only other thing I would say to be careful about is updating too fast 2018.1 to 2020.2 that is a big jump and you might want to consider updating to an intermediary version in between, backing up each time of course, so that the changes are not too great.

Good luck

6 - Meteoroid

Hi @ArtApa

Thank you for sharing install document. I have below queries if you can answer it would be helpful:

Install document asks to take backup of MongoDB. How can I determine if we are using MongoDB or some other DB?


Also, when I go to download section of Alteryx server it first asks for License key do we have to request 2020 Alteryx server license before download or 2018 license will work at download screen?


Does Alteryx designer needs a license as well?


Thank you very much for your help.