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Alteryx Server - User Input

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I need to setup a process for users to approve / deny data at a row level each day. My thought process was to create three workflows. Workflow #1 generates the the data each morning and saves it into an Alteryx Database File, Workflow #2 displays the data generated by workflow #1 and allows users to use a check box / text entry to approve each row / leave notes. Workflow #2 would be run many times during the day and would append the approved results to an 'approved' Alteryx database file each time. At the end of each day, workflow #3 would run and process the approved data. 


From a technical / process standpoint I know this would work, but what i'm not sure about is if I can create a setup in server where there is a text input / check box for each row of data (See below image for a rough outline of what i'm thinking) Has anyone done something similar?  



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @DrewDavis 


Unfortunately, the interface tools aren't capable of producing the design you're looking for since you need it to dynamically add user selectable options for each row that needs to be evaluated.


Another solution would be to have the first workflow generate an Excel file where the user can enter in their decision and run the another workflow that would ask for that file back and read in their selections and perform whatever actions are needed.


Hope this helps!

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