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Alteryx Server Upgrade 2020.4 Scheduled Jobs stuck in queue

8 - Asteroid

We upgraded to Alteryx Server 2020.4 Friday night but all the jobs in the scheduler are stuck in Queue with Status = Queued. Restarting the server makes the jobs in the queue run but the problem occurs when news jobs are added to the queue from the scheduler.

7 - Meteor

I also upgraded to the Alteryx 2020.4 server 2 days ago. And 2 of my jobs are stuck in the queue, and I can't kill them. Server has been restarted twice with no luck. Opened a ticket. Still waiting for a response.

5 - Atom



has alteryx support offered any solution to overcome this problem? We are facing same issue on our Alteryx server. Thanks in advance.

5 - Atom

This is fixed now. In our case, it occurred due to "Quality of Service" setting value under Worker settings.