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Alteryx Server Sizing

7 - Meteor

Hi All,


Any rules of thumb or resources for Alteryx server sizing? I know it isn't as simple as that; but, I am getting mixed messages from my IT department on forecasting implementation and expansion needs.  IT wants to use a pay to play model for our business units; but, the price seems to be outlandishly high for what most of our businesses are requesting.  It makes me believe that our organization has missed on forecasting demand to the environment.




Hi @schenkelpat - this article is very helpful in regards to server sizing:


and this for scaling:


Regarding the pay for play model your IT wants, would deploying in the cloud be a better fit? Server can be deployed on AWS, Azure or GCP.

5 - Atom

Do you have specs on optimal Azure builds for running Alteryx Designer in a Windows 10 Pro desktop on Azure?


We're testing now and seeing such a huge drop in performance, it would be helpful to know if there are any hurdles or settings we may not be aware of.