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Alteryx Server - Outputting to .xlsm


Hi All,


I have a pretty standard workflow to pull data, manipulate, email out the results and output the data to a .xlsm document, with macros to run certain tasks for the user.


When I run this using the desktop version of Alteryx (10.5) this runs fine without any issues.


However, when this is loaded onto our dev & cert servers (10.6) the data does not sucesfully overwrite the .xlsm file (as it's set up to do) so all the old data is there from when I ran it locally, although no errors are thrown on the server so the emails are still sent out (which contain the correct data). When I disable the macros and change the file type to .xlsx and load this back onto the servers this runs fine and the data is outputted as expected.


Is there a known issue with the Alteryx Dev/Cert servers not being able to output data to .xlsm, but has no problem outputting to .xlsx?




Hi @Charles_,


Do you have same behaviour if you build a simple workflow that only write a record to a XLSM file and schedule it on Alteryx Server (10.6)?


Could you share your workflow with me?


Kind regards,


Paul Noirel

Customer Support Engineer


@Charles_  and @PaulN 


Did you ever resolve this issue? I'm hitting (almost?) exactly the same issue, except I'm using 2019.1 on both Designer and Server products.


My XLSM file has 3 worksheets, 2 of which are written correctly every day, but the third worksheet (which actually is the second one i.e. is internally referred to as Sheet2) will be blank 60-80% of the time. The Server shows me that the App completed successfully, and the output results shows that all records were written to the to file correctly. It's only when I open the file (or look at the file size) that I can see that the worksheet is still blank.


Should I reach out via email to resolve? I've tried all kinds of 'tricks' to fix the issue.