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Alteryx Gallery - Workflow Credentials (in terms of security)

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Hello Peers,


I understand there are good number of posts on workflow credentials prior to this but I dont seem to understand the exact use of it. Let me explain:


1. If I have selected "Requires User Credentials" as my setting in administration, all it does is that it brings up a popup for users before they run the workflow and proceed with the run. The only help I see is that we would know exactly who ran it instead of generic 'local user' account. In addition to that if the 'default' option to remember credentials is selected/checked, it wouldn't even raise the popup again ever. So what am I missing here?











2. Or as shown above, if I choose the third option 'Allow users to select credentials option', the users while saving the workflow, they get to choose the three options as shown below which in no way help us in security. Am I wrong here? It again just helps us in denoting/identifying who ran it in the workflow results tab after saving and running it. Isn't it? So, what's the purpose? Can someone please throw some light on this.




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @timewaste


The main purpose of Workflow Credentials is to manage access to assets used within a workflow, not access to the workflow itself. For example, if a user does not have access to an Excel file used in a workflow, the workflow will not run successfully. If your goal is to secure workflows from being visible or run by certain users, you would want to add/remove them from the studio the workflow is saved to.