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Alteryx Admin API Connection to Download All Workflows

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I am not well versed in API's and have always had a great difficulty working with them in the past. However, practice makes perfect...eventually. I am trying to connect to the Alteryx Admin API in an effort to download all workflows that were added/edited in the last three months. I am having an enormously difficult time following and adjusting the information from Using the Alteryx API from….Alteryx.


It appears at a high level that this is what I am needing to do but I am not sure if this is significantly more complex than what I need it to do. Is there a way, with the download tool to access the Alteryx Admin API and download all the workflows in the last three months? Ultimately, I will use a macro that will scan through each of the workflows and output what tools are being used and the frequency of said tools.


Any help on this would be wonderful.


You may want to consider booking 1:1 time on the Virtual Solutions Center to discuss your use case

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Hey @Chris86 


You are on the right track so don't give up quite yet! Can you post a screenshot of what you have configured or what error you are running into? 

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