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Alteryx 2021.1 Error on Publish to Tableau Server

8 - Asteroid


After upgrading to Alteryx 2021.1, all workflows that use publish to Tableau server failed on Scheduler.  


Tool #446 TableauServer.OutputDataConditionally (248): Tool #44: Failed to start a new Hyper instance.¶Context: 0x86a93465¶¶Caused by:¶Could not spawn the Hyper server process C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\Tableau\bin\hyper\hyperd.exe.¶Hint: Make sure the Hyper executable exists and has execution permissions.¶Context: 0xeee3fd70¶¶Caused by:¶AssignProcessToJobObject() failed.: Access is denied.¶Context: 0x7e9110c


Tool #446 Tool #227: Cannot access file: C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\Service\Staging\3468_49a9c507fcd84ce7b8bf5eb916927717\__StageTemp\Engine_4876_a2bf20222591417f92d19e81527e683a_\[output_name].hyper


The same workflow runs and publishes the data successfully on the designer.


When opening a workflow from the previous version (2020.3), Publish to Tableau Server Tool has an error "SyntaxError: Unexpected Token in JSON at position 2".


Please advise how to fix this issue. I have more than 30 workflows run on the scheduler daily. Thank you very much.

6 - Meteoroid

I'm getting the same error, except for opening a prior versioned workflow

Did you find a solution?


I tried the solution listed here, but it didnt work for me:

Publish To Tableau Server Error: Access Is Denied - Alteryx Community