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Alteryx 2019.2 Collections -New Default Permission is Admin... very scary!!!


So I have requested that the Server Admin role is update to have more control over collections. The ability to delete or add a workflow, the ability to delete or add users and Studios and overall the ability to govern, monitor and help our end users.


Though the new feature didn't go to the admin level it went to the end users.


With Alteryx 2019.2, though I enjoy the new feature of adding and removing just about everything, the problem as a regular user I'm not an admin for these collections and yet I have full control over someone else's collection. 


Which is very scare flaw.


@Alteryx please fix Right away

Collections unlimited access error 1.jpgCollections unlimited access error 2.jpgCollections unlimited access error 3.jpg


@levell_x_dunn,  thanks for posting. I think I need some more information as to the experience you're having. Currently:


  • Curators viewing from the admin side can view all collections and manage users and studios.
  • Users viewing from the user side only see collections they have access to.
  • Collection owners are the administrators of their collections, and can assign permissions to other users and manage assets.
  • Curators added to a collection gain administrative rights as they are Gallery administrators.
  • Collection users can perform the actions allowed by their permissions.

Can you explain which of these is problematic?