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Adding Sheets to Excel Templates to download from the Server

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Hello Community


I have come across a small problem while trying to get a specific workflow to run properly.



Basically all i want is to have the Alteryx Server (Private Gallery) pull a Template Excel File from a static source and just add one more Sheet onto it with alteryx.

I can easily do so if i write the file back somewhere, but i would also like the user running the workflow being able to download the File as a whole! (so far i only get to download the newly added sheet)


Use Case:

I want to have a pre-made Excel-File with all kind of fields that change depending on the data that is put out in the last added sheet by alteryx.

Since there are many formulas and designs in the Excel Template themselves i cant just have it all output by alteryx.


I have already tried including or not including it in the workflow data on the server, but i cant get it to work. Maybe someone here has come across a similar problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey @PPricken 


You will need to write your template and additional sheet to the gallery in order for both to show....


I have set you a quick example of how it works 🙂



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Thanks @LordNeilLord for the quick reply


I have tried something like this, but as soon as i read and write the Template Excel File to Alteryx all design, formating and formulae within the template is lost. (Or maybe it is possible and i am just lacking the information how to keep this)


Basically i am looking for a way to give Alteryx a file without it needing to read it, just as a pass through to add another Sheet and supply the whole package to the user.

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Hey @PPricken 


You might find it easier to add the additional sheet and email it to the user.


There will be some additional requirements (like the template is on a network drive) but you could:

  • move the template to a temp folder (run command can do this)
  • Add the additional sheet
  • Use the email tool to send the file to the user