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AS_ResultsFiles.Files.bson file size

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When running a backup of the server (I’m using this as a guide: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Alteryx-Server-Knowledge-Base/Alteryx-Server-Backup-amp-Recovery-Pa...) I’m finding a specific file that is much larger compared to all others.


The file \\AlteryxService\AS_ResultsFiles.Files.bson is almost 14GB in size in our PROD environment. The same file in DEV has merely 2.4MB.


Both servers are hosted on Amazon AWS and before any upgrade we take snapshots so they can be recovered if the worst happens. But in addition to that I run the backup command and copy the resulting files to my local machine, just in case.


This is the issue resides. I cannot copy over any file larger that 2GB (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2258090/copying-files-larger-than-2-gb-over-a-remote-deskto...)

I've tried to split the file into smaller parts using 7-Zip, but some of the resulting files just refuse to be copied over.


My question is:


- Does anyone knows what information this file contains? How important is the information contained there?

- Is there anything I can do to make this file smaller?




Mauricio E


Hi @mestevez


If I'm not mistaken, this collection contains results files generated by workflows run on the server. It feeds the results history you see for each of your workflows in the Gallery if the workflow generate a file as an output.





If you want to reduce the size of the file, you can choose to delete the job queue and results older than X days via System settings.










































Hope that helps.



11 - Bolide

If you change this setting and there was a workflow that was inputting and resulting in a lot of large files back to the MongoDB, how long should it take for the space to free up? is there a clean up cycle that happens each day? 

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Hi @aehrenwo ,

I noticed a decrease in the file size the next day.

11 - Bolide

Ok, I changed my days to 3 so it might not all clear up until 3 days from now. (I assume)