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API Response Server

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Hello, everyone. I have an Alteryx setup that includes a separate server (that I'll call the UI server) that then sends an API to an Alteryx server setup with a controller and a worker node. The results of the workflow are sent back to the UI server by a JSON response.


My question is which server is actually sending the response. Is the worker node sending the JSON or is the worker sending it back to the controller, which then sends the JSON to the UI server?



17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @mike_weaver 


Is the API the Gallery API? Could you elaborate more on the solution as a whole? Maybe a diagram? If you are sending results through a workflow, like you're triggering a download tool to send this API response, then it should be coming directly from the worker node that runs the workflow

Otherwise if it's through the Gallery API my understanding is that it would come from the Gallery node, as you need to reference the gallery hostname to trigger the call. But I might be wrong.