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PRODUCT: Alteryx Promote VERSION: 2018.1 LAST UPDATE: 05/23/2018 ATTACHMENT: none  Alteryx Promote allows model deployments in 3 forms:   Designer   via a Predictive Tool (i.e. Logistic Regression Tool --> Deploy Tool) R   (either from the R code tool, or from an R program such as RStudio) Python3   For items 2 and 3, we host public repositories of example models (below) that show how to deploy predictive models.  All of these examples include READMEs that explain 1) what the model does, and 2) how to deploy it.   Example Python Models | Example R Models   For Python models, you must: Have Python3 installed Install the promote python CLI: pip install promote   For R models, you must: Have R installed Install the promote R CLI: install.packages("promote")  
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