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Supporting Promote Series Part 1 - Promote is Down

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Welcome to the Supporting Promote series. In this series, we will tackle some common issues and questions, and provide best practices for troubleshooting your Promote instance.

Problem: One of the three Promote nodes went down.

To troubleshoot, first try running the following command on one of your Promote machines to confirm the status of each of your nodes:

sudo docker node ls

If the manager status of one of your nodes returns as unreachable, try logging in to that node through yourcommand-line interface (CLI) and run the following command to restart the node:

sudo shutdown -r now

This command will automatically restart the node. Afterward, the node should automatically rejoin the Docker Swarm.

Next, running this command again todetermine if all three nodes are now up:

sudo docker node ls

The result is below.


In this case, the problem has persisted. As a next step, try running the code snippet below. It will automatically restart your docker instance on the node and force it to rejoin the Swarm cluster.

sudo service docker restart

Problem: I can't access the Home page, I think my Promote clusteris down.

When your Promote instance goes down, the first thing to try is accessing each of themachines on which your cluster is installed, through Secure Socket Shell (SSH). Ifthis doesn't work, the next step is to reach out to your network admin, and make sure that your Promote machines were not accidentally shut down. Believe it or not, this happens quite often, especially when you do not start using your Promote instance immediately after installing. If this does not identify the root cause of the issue, please reach out to Support for assistance getting your Promote instance back up and running.

Keep calm and Promote on!

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