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Promote Error: Could Not Find Robot With Username


Environment Details

Unauthorized errors occur at the Linux command line when trying to start the Promote application with expired credentials stored in the quay_creds.env file.

Alteryx Promote 
  • All releases 


This issue is caused by expired credentials in the quay_creds.env file. 


Use these instructions to replace the expired credentials on all nodes.

1. On the master node, run:
2. Run the command below. The company id is going to look like yhat+company_isdfih. Remove curly braces.
    docker login -u="{company id}" -p="{SECRET_TOKEN}"
3. Edit the quay_creds.env to update the token located in /etc/init/env/. The command may look like:   
    $ sudo cat /etc/init/env/quay_creds.env | grep QUAY
    $ sudo vim /etc/init/env/quay_creds.env

4. Update QUAY_PROMOTE_USERNAME and QUAY_PROMOTE_PW in /etc/profile.d/

5. Add registry credential by run /var/opt/promote-installer/src/scripts/promote/
6. Repeat steps 2 and 5 on the remaining nodes.

7. On master node, run: 

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