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How to Create and Manage Users in Promote

Sr. Data Science Content Engineer
Sr. Data Science Content Engineer
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When a new Promote instance is first installed, a single new Admin user is created. That admin user can then sign in and navigate to the Admin dashboard (found under YourPromoteURL/admin). 


Once in the Admin dashboard, you can navigate to the User Management tab by clicking on the Users tab in the top navigation bar.






In the Users page, the Admin account can add new users, delete existing users, change user roles, and reset user passwords.


Creating a New User


To create a new user, click the '+' button in the top right of the Users' tab.





Clicking the plus button will bring up a new user modal window. In this window, you can specify a username, password, and assign a role for the new user.





User Roles


There are three options for User Roles in Promote: Admin, Manager, and Analyst. Each role has a different level of access within Promote.







An Admin user will have universal access within Promote. They have permission to change Admin settings available through the Admin dashboard, such as creating new users and changing base images. On the home screen, Admin users can see all models promoted to Production, Staging, and Dev. Admin users have the ability to promote models from Staging to Production and reject Staging models back to Dev.







A Manager user has similar access in Promote to an Admin user, with the exception that they do not have access to the Admin dashboard, and therefore can't edit users or base images. On the home screen, they do share permissions with an Admin user. They are able to see every model in Staging or Production, and the models they have deployed to Dev. They also have the ability to Promote models from Staging to Production or reject staging models back to Dev. 






An Analyst user has the most limited access of any user in Promote. In addition to not having access to the Admin dashboard, Analyst users cannot see any of the models in Production, and can only see the models that they have deployed in Dev and Staging. Additionally, Analyst users can promote their own models to Staging but may not promote a model from Staging to Production. 


Changing Roles, Deleting Users, and Resetting Passwords


To modify any users that already exist, you can click on the gear icon next to the user's name.





You can delete the user, change the user's role, or reset the password of the user.


Change Role


Selecting the Change Role option causes a modal window to pop up, where you can select the user's role from a drop-down menu. 




After saving this change, the next time the user logs in to promote their permissions will be updated. 


Reset Password


Selecting the change password option causes a different modal window to pop up where you can change a user's password by typing in a new password twice. 





This  summarizes the actions available to a Promote administrator for user management. With great power comes great responsibility. We hope you will only use these powers for good.