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First of all Many thanks to the team for the revamp of the reporting tools. It's so nice to see it's getting a bit more dynamic. 



- I'd love to have more options extended to the graph, such as  being able to add 3 dimensions to a scatter plot, just like below 




- Or being able to have dynamic plot size such as :




- Or again, being able to have a filter in the Interactive Chart (just like the one in the insight tool) would be a great feature to have


- Having Bart chart in differents orientation 






Thanks for reading!

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When i have a lot of columns in a database and I don't know the specific name of a column, it gets difficult to find it inside the select and summarize tool, for example. If you include a browser inside the most used tools, it would be easier to identify the columns and reduce time. Thanks for your time.

  • User Interface
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When you have a huge workflow with a lot of connections, it turns confusing to identify each one of them. So, i think it would be helpful to include an option that allows users to keep the predetermined connections color or assign, for example, different shades of blue for each one of the outgoing connections of tool.

  • User Interface
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Currently, you can right click on an input file and convert into a Macro input. however, in order for a fellow user to see what file was used as input, one has to click on it output anchor, copy the data and paste it on a new canvas. It would be nice to right click on the input macro tool and be able to bring up the original input or convert it into a regular input in one step. Thanks

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After I scanned the QR code of a contact in Inspire 2019 and 'favorite'd the contact, they are on social wall but it'd be nice to have an iconnection request intiated automatically on other professional networks such as linkedin based on the contact list on social wall. Thanks

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The Inputs to an Alteryx App look very clunky and are not formatted well on the Gallery.  The App Inputs look fairly decent when executed from Designer, but the Gallery input tabs looks like a work-in-progress that never got out of beta.  We desperately need some way to make the app input tabs aesthetically pleasing and functional.  An "artisan" does not like to create a masterpiece app that has a Model-T front end.