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Some customers would like to log all inputs & outputs that go into each model. The goal is to save every JSON request and response with minimal (or no) impact to latency. 

One key challenge that we have is promoting regular canvasses (not just advanced analytics models).


It would be very useful if Promote could be made part of the core product of the server:

a) split the server into 1;2;3 environments (Dev; UAT; Prod)

b) Promote then manages the workflow to promote an asset between these environments, with a configurable workflow that allows for signoffs; diff checks; control checks (e.g. are people using tools in the right way; DB connection strings etc); and then writing a copy into the firm source-code repository.

c) Promote should also then change the links in canvasses to point to a prod version of the databases and APIs if relevant.


This process is currently extremely manual and labour intensive; so if we could apply the same Promote process to regular canvasses it would be a big time saving for our admin teams.


cc: @revathi



First of all Many thanks to the team for the revamp of the reporting tools. It's so nice to see it's getting a bit more dynamic. 



- I'd love to have more options extended to the graph, such as  being able to add 3 dimensions to a scatter plot, just like below 




- Or being able to have dynamic plot size such as :




- Or again, being able to have a filter in the Interactive Chart (just like the one in the insight tool) would be a great feature to have


- Having Bart chart in differents orientation 






Thanks for reading!

send application and server logs from a promote instance to Elasticsearch using logstash or fluentd

So there we have a hosted version of Alteryx Server at


Why not to have a "hosted" version for Promote

  • Would be possible to test it
  • See example deployments
  • Deploy basic models from Alteryx Trial to "Promote" trial
  • Even this can generate a new revenue stream (pay as you score)





It would be extremely useful to have an option to paginate over the output of a Promote Alteryx model. 


For example, suppose the output of a model is :


"object_id": 1
"class" : 1
"object_id": 2
"class" : 0



...if that output contains hundred of thousands of items, it could be important to be able to paginate over that output instead of returning the whole thing at once and risking a timeout.


Eventtitans event management platform equipped with the First-Ever Auto on boarding software inculcated to break the event industry challenges in terms of speaker sponsor registration and engagement.


The speaker details comprise of ‘profiles + agenda + sessions + attendees given ratings + follow option + contact option’, and sponsor details includes - ‘promotional content + sponsor message + logo’ etc. at easily accessible one-point dashboard.


The organizer can allocate the number of free tickets to a sponsor based on their subscription package type. The registered sponsor is automatically added to the sponsor list of the linked event after the approval from the organizer.


Further, the event organizer adds a list of speakers along with event name, sessions, profile, agenda, expertise, etc. and automatically sends an invitation email to the speakers.


Event Speaker Management made highly flexible, organized, and efficient with EventTitans speaker sponsor on boarding solution.


The software functionality traces each activity of associated attendees, speakers, sponsors, and updates the changes immediately on the UI and CRM. Top-rated speakers and their description able to drive more traction & encourages more registrations.


This solution automatically creates the speaker sponsor profiles during the registration and provides options to fill additional information such as expertise, images, and links.


The platform effortlessly updates last-minute arrival registration information into the CRM. Each sponsor is allotted with one booth or stall to exhibit direct or third-party brand.


Highlights of Sponsor Speaker On boarding


EventTitans is the first Platform implemented Speaker/ Sponsor On boarding in the history of Event Industry. Automation of sponsor speaker on boarding enables every registered event member to view the sponsor & speaker profiles including their achievements, interests, videos.


The organizer has the option to release the free tickets to event sponsors based on their sponsorship category, and speakers can avail the free tickets (example: 1 or 2 tickets), and attendees are given the opportunity to become a sponsor and avail bulk tickets.


EventTitans on boarding software aims to facilitate organizing quality-centric deeper event engagements that lead to realizing great event experience. The organizer has the can keep the sponsor profile either open or private, and the private profiles are hidden to the members.


When i have a lot of columns in a database and I don't know the specific name of a column, it gets difficult to find it inside the select and summarize tool, for example. If you include a browser inside the most used tools, it would be easier to identify the columns and reduce time. Thanks for your time.


When you have a huge workflow with a lot of connections, it turns confusing to identify each one of them. So, i think it would be helpful to include an option that allows users to keep the predetermined connections color or assign, for example, different shades of blue for each one of the outgoing connections of tool.


Hello Team,


If we have the flexibility to add new formula any where in the formula tool not just at the bottom of the existing formula's that would be great.


Right now after development if there is change and an additional formula is required which will be input for existing formulas in Formula tool then effort to change is high, if we have the flexibility to add formula at any place in formula tool then the effort will be less.


Alternate Solution : Add one more formula tool before the existing formula tool and include the new formula but i

think if the formula tool has the flexibility to add formula anyplace possible that would be great.


Thank You,



Currently, you can right click on an input file and convert into a Macro input. however, in order for a fellow user to see what file was used as input, one has to click on it output anchor, copy the data and paste it on a new canvas. It would be nice to right click on the input macro tool and be able to bring up the original input or convert it into a regular input in one step. Thanks


After I scanned the QR code of a contact in Inspire 2019 and 'favorite'd the contact, they are on social wall but it'd be nice to have an iconnection request intiated automatically on other professional networks such as linkedin based on the contact list on social wall. Thanks


Data Scientists Habits.jpgSource:‘Data Scientist’ is a juicy job title to have right now! Not only is it the highest paid job in the industry, but the domain also boasts of high job satisfaction. A report published by Glassdoor shares that ‘Data Scientist’ is the #1 job title offering an employee satisfaction score of 4.2 out of 5. Further, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that the data science domain will create more than 11.5 million job opportunities by 2026. In other words, people with the knack to set up systems that can generate insights from the burgeoning data are (and will continue to be) an object of desire across industries.



What does it take to become an effective data science whiz, you ask? Take a peek into this article to learn about some habits of successful data scientists.


1. They Continue to Sharpen the Core Skills


Top-notch data scientists not only know their languages, tools, and concepts like the back of their hand but also strive to polish their skillset from time to time. They are experts in the computational (managing big data and real-time data, cloud computing, and unstructured data,) and the statistical (models like regression, clustering, optimization, decision trees, and random forests) aspects of programming. Besides, they possess a strong foundation in data visualization, exploratory data analysis, and machine learning algorithms.


In the world of data science, there’s no such thing as the best language or tool. As a data scientist, you are required to know the latest programming languages and use the tools that are most relevant for the developer and the issues at hand.


For instance, a data scientist cannot choose between Python and R. Both are amongst the most popular programming languages used in this domain, each having their own set of strengths and applications. While Python is a general-purpose language that’s easy to understand, R was developed with the statisticians in mind. Thus, each of these languages has field-specific applications. Here’s an interesting infographic that offers a comparison between Python and R.


Stay updated and learn the trending topics, namely R, SAS, Python, Big Data on Hadoop by enrolling for courses that offer a postgraduate diploma or certification in data science. Such courses can also help you understand and implement concepts like data exploration, regression models, hypothesis testing, Hadoop, and Spark.



2. They Are Always Curious


Influential data scientists have more than just certifications and degrees. They are recognized by their insatiable hunger for product knowledge and the changing industry trends. Their intellectual curiosity encourages them to challenge data types and come up with new ways to discover and interpret data.


Successful data scientists are problem solvers with strong business acumen. They are constantly looking at the problem at hand from varying perspectives and use the most suitable data science tools to offer innovative solutions. They strive to understand the business, customer pain points, changing customer preferences, product cycles, and key industry trends.


Bernard Marr.pngBernard Marr

Image Source:


Bernard Marr, an influential data scientist, is recognized by several businesses and government organizations for his valuable business insights. Owing to his strong business acumen, he is the most sought-after keynote speaker at the World Economic Forum and business symposia.


3. They Emphasize on Building Strong Networks


Established data scientists constantly strive to strengthen and expand their professional network. Connecting with other professionals in the community not only enables them to grow their influence and authority but also offers a platform for knowledge sharing.


Social sites like Twitter and LinkedIn enable data scientists to network with key influencers and aggregators in the industry. KDNuggets too aims at helping data scientists remain in sync with the latest trends in the world of data science and connect with the global data scientist community.


Further, conferences, namely the Gartner Data and Analytics Summit, Data Platform Summit, and PyData among others offer a platform for data scientists across the globe to discuss and share new ideas and challenges in this domain. The networking opportunities offered at these summits are worth your time and resources.


4. They Are Experts at Data Wrangling and Visualization


Data is everywhere! However, it’s what businesses do with it that determines their success. No wonder, data scientists are expected to be a pro in data munging, visualization, and reporting and brand storytelling. In fact, according to Jefferson Frank, the world’s leading AWS recruiters, data visualization and data mining are one of the top big data skills in 2019.


1535184535-diagram-storytellingSource -

Further, since data scientists are at the intersection of business, data, and technology they should be experts in data storytelling which the ability to blend hard data with effective and narrative communication.


Learn to fall in love with segregated and non-segregated data. There are several online courses that can train you to work with big data software like Hadoop, MapReduce, and Spark.


5. They Gain Experience through Real-World Projects


Influential data scientists know that the experience of working on real projects is far more precious than merely having a data science qualification on the resume. Consequently, they spend a considerable amount of time researching the internet for projects that can sharpen their data science or machine learning capabilities.


If you desire to propel your career in this domain, focus on gaining hands-on experience through real-world projects. Get on to Google now and find a dataset to work on. Websites like Quandl and GitHub offer open datasets to data scientists and developers, enabling them to host and review codes and manage and collaborate on data science projects.  



6. They Know When to Say No


Data scientists have a lot on their plate. They not only extract meaning from the gigantic volumes of data but also use their expertise to solve complex issues in a variety of data niches. Hence, their job description can involve virtually any quantitative work. This means you may have to take up tasks that aren’t relevant to your current project, adversely affecting your productivity.


Smart data scientists understand that the job description of a data scientist is vague. Further, not all organizations have a dedicated data science team on board. Hence, in order to stay productive and develop their niche, successful data scientists have mastered the art of saying no to tasks that are not relevant to their projects.


Final Thoughts


Without a doubt, data science is one of the most sought-after careers of the century. However, not all data scientists are able to make their mark in this domain. The most exceptional data scientists are those who have incorporated some important habits that have enabled them to taste success.


Include the aforementioned habits in your routine to put yourself on the same path trodden by the most influential data scientists across the globe.



The Inputs to an Alteryx App look very clunky and are not formatted well on the Gallery.  The App Inputs look fairly decent when executed from Designer, but the Gallery input tabs looks like a work-in-progress that never got out of beta.  We desperately need some way to make the app input tabs aesthetically pleasing and functional.  An "artisan" does not like to create a masterpiece app that has a Model-T front end.  



Idea: How about delivering the promote package with a model zoo?







Rationale: It takes time to ROI, when you first license any analytics software.

Alteryx Designer comes with nice sample workflows you can start building on top of them and have a

  • Customer lifetime value prediction
  • Shop location optimization
  • Simple credit scoring or pricing

right off the bat.


What if Alteryx Promote comes with;

Some simple and some "deep" models as is;


  1. Object detection from images (that let's any startup to figure out what's o screen - Image)
  2. Facial recognition (that let's anyone do face matching from previous shoppers for e.g. - Image)
  3. Picture similarity based on fingerprinting (that let's with promote yo can do fuzz joins with exsting product pictures)
  4. Pre-trained speech recognition model (that let's anyone with promote to do speech to text on a realtime or near-realtime basis)
  5. Feed Forward Classification (that let's from some existing data we can generate synthetic data on a real-time basis and test our models)