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Alteryx Promote Hosted Version

So there we have a hosted version of Alteryx Server at gallery.alteryx.com


Why not to have a "hosted" version for Promote

  • Would be possible to test it
  • See example deployments
  • Deploy basic models from Alteryx Trial to "Promote" trial
  • Even this can generate a new revenue stream (pay as you score)





13 - Pulsar

Amazon has a similar service so it seems it's a viable business model too!








Status changed to: Under Review

Hey this is a really interesting idea! While we don't have any imminent plans to offer Promote as a hosted service, we're intrigued by the idea and will be looking into its feasibility.



David Cooperberg

13 - Pulsar

Thanks @DavidCo


For corporates like Banks and Insurance firms or Telco's a 120K USD/year subscription "may be" reachable.

But for my clients who are mostly 10-200 employee firms, namely SME's - small medium enterprises, it's not and will not be in the near future.


Here there are a few interesting use cases we figured out with a bunch of clients in Turkey;


  • Send me/scan me your bills (phone, gas, electricity) and let me
    • Estimate a credit score just based on that
    • Offer you some products and services


  • Let me have your credit card statement thru PSD2 and segment your lifestyle on the fly...
    • How recently, frequently and in what monetary level you do shopping
    • All in terms of MCC codes

The moment one can share analytics scoring models on promote just like we do in Alteryx Gallery,

any startup can start using this real-time decisioning system without

  1. coding a system on their own
  2. Licencing GDS Link
  3. Licencing SAS Decision Manager
  4. Licencing FICO
  5. Licencing Experian Powercurve or
  6. Oracle Real-time decisions
13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar
17 - Castor
17 - Castor

I do agree with you @Atabarezz - a hosted version which people can use to learn the product, along with detailed training (similar to designer) would go a long way to expanding the reach of this product.


Many companies do this - if you want to learn it they spin up a cloud instance for you temporarily.