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Alteryx Model Zoo


Idea: How about delivering the promote package with a model zoo?







Rationale: It takes time to ROI, when you first license any analytics software.

Alteryx Designer comes with nice sample workflows you can start building on top of them and have a

  • Customer lifetime value prediction
  • Shop location optimization
  • Simple credit scoring or pricing

right off the bat.


What if Alteryx Promote comes with;

Some simple and some "deep" models as is;


  1. Object detection from images (that let's any startup to figure out what's o screen - Image)
  2. Facial recognition (that let's anyone do face matching from previous shoppers for e.g. - Image)
  3. Picture similarity based on fingerprinting (that let's with promote yo can do fuzz joins with exsting product pictures)
  4. Pre-trained speech recognition model (that let's anyone with promote to do speech to text on a realtime or near-realtime basis)
  5. Feed Forward Classification (that let's from some existing data we can generate synthetic data on a real-time basis and test our models)
13 - Pulsar


 Great exemplary site but only dedicated to deep learning models...




model zoo.jpg


13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar


Intel is following this trend too... Hmm interesting...Analytics%20Zoo_1000px[1].jpg



13 - Pulsar




Even Microsoft R Client comes with some pre-trained models... So why not promote comes with them too?


  • AlexNet_Updated.model
  • ImageNet1K_mean.xml
  • pretrained.model
  • ResNet_101_Updated.model
  • ResNet_18_Updated.model
  • ResNet_50_Updated.model



Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Revisit

Thank you for your feedback! Our product team is really interested in your idea, however we cannot fit this idea on the near future road map. We'd like to keep this idea in mind however and will update the status once we’re better able to speak on when or if we can implement it.

13 - Pulsar

It's done by AWS already there is a list of available algorithms you supply feedback it learns and answers you back...

#nocode but also no need for data prep modeling etc...


Result as a Service...




13 - Pulsar

Amazon's capabilities in 


#machinevision, #nlp #forecasting are ahead of alteryx by the way... 

gotta catch up quickly...