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Workflow gets slower when run from Server (Sharepoint as a input/output)

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Hey all, 
I use sharepoint as a data storage in a project which is due to architecture constraint. The workflow runs smoothly in the designer but I run into problems when I upload my chained apps to the server. 
First when I upload the workflow it somehow shows different errors at different times. I work with a german version but translated it says something like “The remotename could not be solved -” or another error that is displayed is "cannot access the folder.
Somehow sometimes the upload does work and then I run into the issue that the workflow runs extremely slowly or even hits the current timeout. 
My hypothesis is that maybe a firewall is doing some checks on the incoming data which is slowing the process down? The upload error of no remote name could not be solved is maybe due to a media gap in handing over the sign-in data to Sharepoint?
My experience with Alteryx server is very limited and happy to hear any hints from you 🙂 !
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As a small update - I uploaded the same workflow to another gallery as well and there seems to be the same problem regarding performance.