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System Requirement for Promote

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Hi everyone,


I would like to validate something, the documentation says the Promote must run on a server with Linux CentOS 7.

We want to use Azure VMs and it seems that the ones that are covered for our Subscription Credits are based on CentOS 8.2.

Can we move forward and install Promote in CentOS 8.2 or CentOS 7 is mandatory?


Thanks and regards-



At the moment Promote has not been tested with CentOS 8, at this time it's recommended to stick to CentOS 7.


Though we understand the desire to move, we may be able to test that in the future and include that in our recommended distros. 

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Thanks a lot for your answer.

It seems that CentOS 7 is the best option here, so we should move forward by creating VMs based on 7.