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Alteryx changes dependencies location to external even all are unchecked when publishing

5 - Atom

I am using Alteryx 2020.3.4, the same as server,.


When publishing we uncheck all dependencies to be taken from absolute paths. This approach is desired.

After publishing all dependencies are in _external.


However when we created a new test workflow with one of the dependencies moved to external in above example and do the same it was ok - taken from absolute path.


What can be the reason of this behavior?






15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Where are you unchecking them?  In the Manage Asset window when publishing?  Do you have a screenshot?

5 - Atom



sure... Please find below the steps I took:


1) Precheck - before promotion:


(All paths are absolute - desired state)


2) Unchecked assets before publishing


3) Check after publishing:


All dependencies are external.


When I copy for instance Block_Until_Done to new workflow and publish for test with the same steps it works as I expected - path is preserved.



Thanks in advance


15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Yep, looks like you did everything correctly from what I can see.  I just tested it myself and I cannot replicate the behavior you're seeing.  This is probably a good case to submit to support (