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RENDER Multiple TABLES to 1 Excel File and Name the Tabs

I have multiple TABLES that each contain different data and need to be RENDERED into 1 Excel file, each on their own tab.  You only seem to be able to do this with the OUTPUT DATA tool, but that doesn't work with formatted TABLES.  I was advised that I have to RENDER the formatted TABLES out, which doesn't allow you to name the tabs and forces each table into its own Excel file.  As some of my reports have over 30 tabs, this is not an acceptable option.  The program I currently use, which my company is eliminating, offers you the option of naming the tabs, as well as asking if you want to add them as a new tab to an existing file, replace an existing file, or export the data to a new file.

While the columns would remain the same, the number of rows will vary each month, so the "range" would never be the same each month. It would really be much simpler if you had a tool similar to the JOIN tool where you link the multiple tables to the one tool, have it offer you the option of "naming" each tab (table) to be exported to 1 file, and offer the option of overwriting the current file or adding a new tab to an existing file. Thanks.


Just to confirm, have you tried setting up your formatted tables as Named Ranges in Excel and having the Output Data tool output to these Named Ranges?

This article gives a good example of how to do that.