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Make Server User a System Constant

There is no good way to get server user credentials into a workflow without asking them for it in an App interface.  It would be great if we could have a built in Constant that could be used to silently pass user credentials into a workflow for things like API's or logging user information.

Status changed to: Comments Requested

@Sruhl thanks for posting!  I am marking this as Comments Requested and look forward to seeing others in Community who are interested vote this up with stars and comments.  Thanks again.


Actually, there is a way. See I used the solution there, and it works great. It is a little tricky, and not as straightforward as a built-in Constant would be, but it does work.


I am voting up this idea to make this easier.

Status changed to: Under Review

Thanks for posting @blyons - marking this idea as under review so we can investigate this internally and will keep this post updated.  Thanks!