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Introduced in Alteryx Designer 2018.3, the Insight tool can be used to build and combine multiple interactive charts into an interactive dashboard, allowing you to clearly communicate your analysis and data insights. This article will review many of the features of the Insight tool, and how to use them. With this article, I hope you feel empowered to take on your Visualytics adventures head-first.
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You just finished making a workflow, now how do you share it so your colleagues can also use it but with their own inputs? Make an Analytic App!
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The partnership between Alteryx and Tableau is becoming stronger and stronger, and the seamless effortless integration has been made easier through the Publish to Tableau Server Tool. This article demonstrates the use of the Publish to Tableau Server tool, available on the Alteryx Analytics Gallery.
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 When attempting to publish a workflow to your private Gallery which contains the Publish to Tableau Server macro, you may encounter an error similar to this:   “ Cannot find macro "PublishToTableauServer_v1.08.1\Publish to Tableau Server.yxmc"   This is typically due to one of two reasons:   The Publish to Tableau Server macro has not been installed on the Alteryx Server where the Gallery is located. The macro has been installed but has not been installed in the correct location, or the Gallery cannot access the macro for other reasons. Please see this link for instructions on correctly installing the Publish to Tableau Server macro on an Alteryx Server.   Even when the macro has been installed properly on the server, this issue can still occur, and if it does, here is a simple workaround to get your workflow published:   Save the workflow to the Gallery: From Designer, click on File > Save As and choose your Gallery. Add the Tableau macro components as assets of your workflow: Click on Workflow Options > Manage workflow assets. Select all of Publish to Tableau Server related assets (currently there are four). Including these assets when publishing should allow the workflow to publish and run successfully in the Gallery.   Thank you!
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  If you’ve ever wanted to spruce up your reports by adding images, you’re probably familiar with our Image Tool in our Reporting Tool Category. While it often comes in handy when you want to append images to a report, you can also append images conditionally, and to your tabulated datasets. This can help to identify patterns or communicate trends in your data more visibly and improve readability for your target audience. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!   We’ve gone ahead and built out a brief sample of the approach in the attached v10.5 workflow export, PictureInTable.yxzp. This workflow uses a simple Formula Tool assignment to conditionally specify an image to be visualized next to reach row of data. In this use case, we wanted to show a down arrow image next to a negative (or 0) number in our Test field (trending down) and an up arrow next to a positive number (trending up):     Since the image files are in the same directory as my workflow, the Image Location field now specifies exactly where/what the images are for each row, allowing me to specify this field in the Image Tool. This will append the image at those file locations to each row of my data:       Then I simply build a table around the already tabulated data, excluding my Image Location field that was used to append the images. After rendering the table, you should see the images included:     There you have it - you can extend the approach to really liven your reports!
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You'll notice some of the menus have been rearranged in version 10+. So if you are looking to export a workflow package, you will find that under the  Options  menu,   Export Workflow .  By default, you will see all the assets that the workflow depends on to run properly, but sometimes you will want to include additional files to package with the workflow.
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