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Upgrade Alteryx Designer in 10 Steps

Debating whether or not to upgrade to the latest version of Alteryx Designer?

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You’re creating an app that involves dates. You want the user to be able to dynamically select the dates being used in the app, though. The tools you already know may not work. A  Text Box  would be too messy and allow lots of room for error. Pre-defined  Drop Downs  and  List Boxes  aren’t dynamic enough. Ah ha! What about that tool that looks like a calendar? The  Date  tool in the  Interface  category provides the perfect solution!
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Symptoms   “Unhandled Exception occurred” error is thrown when you copy and paste text (Ctrl-V) using the R Tool.     Now, to witness it happening:     Diagnosis   Looking at the error log you will see error message below:   Default Log path - C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\ErrorLogs\AlteryxGUI         If you look at the log, you can see the error is directly related to the FIPS cryptographic algorithms. According to Wikipedia, FIPS stands for Federal Information Processing Standards and it is a “standard developed by the United States federal government for use in computer systems by non-military government agencies and government contractors”.   As of right now, “Unhandled Exception occurred” error will be thrown in the R Tool if FIPS compliance is turned on .    Solution   Our Development team is fully aware of the problem with the FIPS compliance and is planning to sort this out in the future releases. As for temporary solution, you can consider turning off the FIPS compliance, of course after checking and making sure your IT manager is okay with it, and this should resolve the “Unhandled Exception occurred” error.   Here’s how you can turn off FIPS compliance:   There are other ways to turn on/off FIPS compliance and you can find them here:   Eddie Wong Alteryx CSE
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The symptoms, diagnosis and solution for the ConnectNamedPipe error associated with McAfee Adaptive Threat Protection.
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You may have run across this error, using the html plugin predictive tools (Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree):   Logistic Regression: Error in searchDir(dbDir, lang) : Logistic Regression: Expecting a single string value: [type=NULL; extent=0]     In 2018.2, this can happen when you have previously had an Admin version of Designer installed, but have since uninstalled.  Once you've installed the 2018.2 non-Admin version with Predictive tools, these errors will now occur.   Help is on the way!  (In the form of suggestions and an upcoming stable release.)  You have several options.  First, you can install an Admin version of Designer concurrently - 11.8, 2018.1, 2018.2, etc.   Last ditch effort: delete registry keys.  This is not recommended - only delete keys if you cannot install a current version, or cannot wait until the next stable update.   Step 0) Save your license key somewhere easy to find: Options> Manage Licenses   Step 1) Open the Registry Editor (type regedit into your windows search bar) and delete the following directory: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\SRC\Alteryx   Now, go predict stuff!  Happy Alteryx-ing.
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  On Alteryx version 10.1, if you try to schedule a workflow to  to run from its original location on disk and the workflow path starts with a digit, for example C:\1testpath\workflow.yxmd, the workflow will fail to run on the Scheduler. When the job fails, you will see the job at the bottom of the Results view within the Scheduler window and the job date is January 01 0001 12:00:00 AM - this indicates a corrupt job. All other combinations work as expected.          This is a known issue that is being addressed. The workaround is to rename the folder so that the path does not start with a digit, for example C:\a1testpath\. Alternatively, you can schedule the job to run a copy of the workflow stored in the scheduler DB. 
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.NET Framework is a software framework developed by Microsoft that supports the building and running of apps and XML web services. The framework version can have an impact on the installation and operation of Alteryx.
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What does this error mean?     As we transitioned to a new licensing system in the 11.8 and 2018.1 releases, we changed how licenses are authenticated. The new licensing system relies on a few additional system requirements, including a number of websites that are used during licensing and require access through your network firewall.   What's causing this? The new licensing system uses a TLS connection with, which is secured with an Amazon-issued TLS/SSL certificate. Alteryx is packaged with a copy of the Amazon certificate. The problem arises when the network has implemented Deep Packet Inspection on TLS/SSL connections, which is a security measure requiring that a network device be able to intercept the connection and “see” the plaintext conversation. To do this, the device attempts to impersonate but uses its own certificate, which is separately installed as a trusted root certificate on the client computer. However, Alteryx doesn't consult the local computer's trust store when authenticating the license connection. Thus, when Alteryx attempts to construct a TLS session, it sees a certificate mismatch, and the connection fails.   The "quick-fix" Since this is a network security restriction, you should have no problem activating if you move onto an external network such as a mobile hotspot, home network connection, or coffee shop.   Troubleshooting   How to confirm the problem   To definitively confirm that they are running into this issue, have them open a browser and go to It will show a blank screen, but up in the corner is certificate information. Click on the lock to view the certificate details.           This window needs to show this exact certification Path. If there are any extra or different entries, that's when this issue occurs.   How to fix it?   IT or your security department need to add a bypass on the SSL packet inspector such that is not subject to SSL deep packet inspection. After adding the bypass so this traffic is no longer being interdicted, the issue should be resolved and the customer should try to activate again.
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