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You know what really stinks? Working with addresses that aren’t standardized or verified. Whether human-input, or one of the many address formatting standards in the U.S., being stuck with an address you can’t either (1) identify or (2) ensure it exists can be a real pain in the… well…   CASS is here to help!
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Have some Latitude/Longitude points and not much else? Working with Spatial Objects and need more information than a simple map point? Time to call in the Reverse Geocoding macro. Reverse Geocoding can give some robust information to help make important business decisions when working with spatial data. Case in point: Your “friend” has hacked the Pokémon Go APK and hands you a list of Pokémon with the associated Latitude/Longitude. You can’t make an informed decision on your next weekend Poke-session without first understanding more than just the location on a map!
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Find yourself with latitude and longitude coordinate pairs for your spatial objects but not much else information on the locations? In Alteryx 10.0, if you need more geographical information on a coordinate, try converting it into a spatial object and using the Find Nearest Tool to find coinciding Experian geographical data from an Allocate Input Tool. This can be used to reverse geocode less granular address information such as ZIP Codes, counties, states, and even approximate “places.” Just be sure to send it in with a record ID, as the Find Nearest Tool will append a row each time it finds the closest specified value for each selection:
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Error: The Melissa Data CASS engine appears to not be installed (can't find dll)   ***CASS is only avaliable with a spatial license. If you would like to trial CASS please reach out to your Alteryx Sales Account Executive.   Reasons for this error message: CASS data has yet to be installed on your machine and you are using a tool requiring CASS data (Business Match Macro (CAN) & (US); ConsumerView Matching Macro; Canada Geocoder; CASS; Parse Address; Street Geocoder; US Geocoder; US ZIP9 coder).  CASS has expired. Mismatched between registry entries or install folders. Not installing the CASS file correctly Solutions: Use the download links (see 'How to download CASS' section below) to run the CASS download and extract the files to a location on your machine (You can use the same location as the previous install). Run the Datainstall.exe in the CASS download folder (Screenshot below).     This will take you to through the installation of the latest version of CASS. Click 'Next' all the way through the install of the latest data to the unistall section. When you get to the uninstall screen please make sure the previous versions of CASS are selected (Screenshot below).     Once selected press 'Next' , select the local directory or network install location and press 'Finish'. Click 'OK' when it asks if you are sure you want to delete the previous versions of CASS. Once CASS has installed hit 'Close' in the CASS installer.    The 'The Melissa Data CASS engine appears to not be installed (can't find dll)' error should now dissapear once you open a new instance of Alteryx.    If the error does not dissapear it may be because some of the extracted files from previous CASS versions have remained on the machine. If so, y ou can delete all CASS files manually from your windows explorer, and then reinstall the latest data again using the process outlined above. If you are unsure where you extracted and saved the CASS files, type CASS into the windows explorer search function and follow the file path.       How to download CASS:   Reach out to your Sales Account Executive at Alteryx. If you are unsure who this is please email Support and they can connect you to with them.    Updating CASS:   In Alteryx Designer version 10.1 a banner should appear below the tool Icons with a link to 'Go to download site'. This will take you to the Alteryx Download site where the latest CASS update will be avaliable to download on the right hand side (Screenshots below). ***You will only see this banner if you have CASS installed already.             Additional Tips and Tricks:   Want to find out what version of CASS you are using? Run a workflow with a CASS tool and in the output it will tell you want version you are using.     After you have tried the above solutions and you are still getting an error message relating to Melissa Data CASS please feel free to reach out to Support   Best,   Jordan Barker Client Service Support Engineer
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