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If you are building a predictive model, inevitably you will want to analyze the effect that your independent variables have on your dependent variable. This article is meant to shed some light on the Alteryx-specific options for this type of analysis!
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Did you know the average football game lasts 3 hours and 12 minutes and only amounts to roughly 11 minutes of play? Now, I love trying to eat Doritos through my TV screen as much as the next guy, but for me the highlights are definitely a better watch. The Summarize Tool would probably agree - the most effective communication of your data is the most concise summary of it. Whether it’s concatenating strings for storage, merging reports to have better readability, getting your spatial objects to interact, or even calculating averages and other formulas on groupings of data, the Summarize Tool can reframe your data to be more informative. This article provides a few examples on how.
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Mosaic BG Dominant and Mosaic BG Household Distribution counts are balanced to Experian’s census estimates.  ConsumerView is a marketing file and therefore doesn’t need to be balanced to the census estimates.
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Identify Top Clusters in Your Customer File Business Problem:  Identifying target customers is critical in the retail industry. Accurate understanding of customer behavior and demographic characteristics allows retailers to provide a better consumer experience. Additionally, a detailed geographic view of target customer distribution is beneficial for network management and expansion. Using this powerful Alteryx module, the Mosaic segmentation system can be leveraged to quickly render reports that calculate penetration indices and distinguish target clusters. Actionable Results: Obtain reports that detail target customer clusters Accurately calculate cluster penetration indices with ease Gain a better understanding of the geographic distribution of your customer base       Overview:  Using a segmentation system such as Mosaic, you can use Alteryx to automatically identify the top demographic segments in your customer file. This information can be used in a number of beneficial analyses, including those involving product and network management. Better understanding of the behavior of target customers can also lead to a higher rate of customer retention. Vertical: Retail Key Tools Used: Create Behavior Profile, Create Profile Detail Fields, Spatial Match Required Input: -Customer File containing: Address, City, State, ZIP -Consumer Segmentation System, such as Mosaic (Note: To request an evaluation for segmentation data, simply contact your Account Executive, and we can quickly supply you with a license.) Module Process: This module simply brings in a customer file, geocodes, creates a behavior profile and then calculates a base penetration based on a selected geography. You may select Block Groups, states, counties or some other geography (in this case Block Groups that contained these specific customer locations were selected as the base). When the profiles are combined, a penetration is calculated. Those segments which have a penetration index 20% higher than the national average, and contain more than 25 records in the segment are flagged as top clusters. The clusters are then sorted in order of Penetration Index and Alteryx automatically identifies the top target clusters.        
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