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Web Crawling

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Does Alteryx support web crawling?


Yes. In Alteryx you can look at a web page, find embedded links (e.g. using regular expressions), and add to a queue of "links to visit". Then continue visiting/adding indefinitely, while also extracting various other tidbits of interest from each page visited.


In a Text Input Tool, enter URLs to crawl.  Alteryx can take the URLs from a data stream (a database where we have all of the URLs we want to crawl) and iteratively repeat the process of connecting and getting the code beneath that URL:




Use the Download Tool and point it to a web address:




 Alteryx returns the whole content available for that URL:




The attached v10.0 workflow allows you to connect to wikipedia and "crawl" the content of that URL. It can be saved, parsed etc. Additional functionality may be added to create a very powerful crawling engine.