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Sub-headers/Sub-fields in Reporting Tables

Community Data Engineer
Community Data Engineer
Created on

If you’ve gotten accustomed to having headers and sub-headers (fields/sub-fields) in your tables, much like those you can build with the “Merge & Center” Excel feature, you’ll be happy to hear with just a couple formatting steps we can build the format below:




In Alteryx, with similar formatting:




The attached workflow goes into the details of the approach, but the essence is below:


  1. Split your columns/fields your desired categories (making them sub-headers)
  2. Create tables from your categories, add your supra-headers
  3. Combine the reporting elements we have now, use the Union Tool to stack and the Summarize Tool to combine the reporting elements horizontally
  4. Combine your sub-tables into a larger table, if needed (adding another header)


There you have it! Your tables are now rendered in style.