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Output to separate Excel files

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If you have a file that you want to output to separate Excel files you can first create the desired file path with the Formula tool and then utilize the Output tool to change the entire path.

1247 1.png

This example illustrates a file with records from different states, where we wish to create a separate file for the records belonging to each state.

1247 2.png

With the Formula tool, create a string field that will contain the file path, where the path includes the field you’ll use as a part of the file name.  Here we are using the State_Name field. “C: emp” is the path where your files will be saved to.

1247 3.png

"C: emp"+[State_Name]+".xls|sheet1"

The field you are creating, and the field you are including as the variable path name (State_Name) have to be of a string type.  If your variable path name field is not a string type then you can convert it with the TOSTRING function.

1247 4.png

In the Output tool, select Change Entire File Path and select the newly created field. Uncheck Keep Field in Output so it won’t add as a field the path that was created with the Formula tool.

1247 5.png

The Output tool will write separate Excel files, the name and path of the files are the ones created by the formula.


Thanks, exactly what I needed.


Alteryx_KB. This is very helpful.


Is there a way to output all the separate excel files into a folder where the user can choose the folder before having the files written to? Instead of defining the output file path, I'd like to have the user choose the folder.


This is very helpful. I was exactly looking for this. I was trying to build a batch macro for this but now I found that there is a better way to do this. Thanks!