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Obtaining Credentials for the Salesforce Connectors

Community Content Engineer
Community Content Engineer
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In Designer v10.1, there are four components to making Salesforce connections in the Designer Salesforce tools:


  1. Making sure you have the correct Salesforce URL; it would look something like https://[instance] For an example, I've posted one that I use below:


  2. Your Salesforce username
  3. Your Salesforce password
  4. A Security token that you can recover from your Salesforce administrator or using the steps below (if you have the sufficient privileges from your Salesforce admin):

    In, click on the picture icon in the top right hand corner and click on my Settings


    Click on Personal > Reset My Security Token


This will send out an automated email with your security token. Voila! You should be ready to connect!




If you have trouble connecting thereafter, please consult our help pages or the Client Services team!

I've got several large workflows which have multiple Salesforce Connections both in and out. Can the Salesforce Connection details be managed by the Alias Manager or the Connection Manager? I'm having problem with how often our Saleforce user credentials are being reset, and then having to go into the Alteryx workflow and change every connection. We have the Salesforce account set to be used just for data, and not have a password resets, but still for other reason the credentials keep changing.