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.NET Framework Summary

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.NET Framework is a software framework developed by Microsoft that supports the building and running of apps and XML web services. The framework version can have an impact on the installation and operation of Alteryx. If the framework version is not correct and the installer cannot update the framework version, it can cause errors such as below:




"Microsoft .NET Framework X.X (x64) could not be installed. Please use Windows Update to manually install this update on your system. Alteryx Designer XX.X x64 Setup cannot continue." 


Current Requirements:

  • 10.x through 11.3 – Requires .NET 4.0 or higher
    • Alteryx will attempt to install .NET 4.5 if the version is not at least 4.0.


  • 11.5+ – Requires .NET 4.6 or higher
    • Alteryx will attempt to install 4.6.2 if the installed version is less than 4.6.
    • This version of .NET adds support for TLS 1.2 and allows for some other enhancements.
    • It isn't possible to correctly install 11.5+ without updating .NET to at least version 4.6 (If you do manage to get it installed with an older version of .NET, it won't function as expected).


As noted Alteryx version 11.5 and higher requires .Net 4.6 or greater to be installed on your machine in order to use Alteryx.  Our latest Non-Admin version expects this to be installed beforehand.  As opposed to the Admin version which will attempt to install the .Net update during the Installation if the requirement is missing from your machine.  Since the Admin version assumes you are a Local Admin to the machine then the installation is normally done seamlessly.  However, If you don’t have the appropriate permissions or are using the Non-Admin version you will not be able to install this .Net update on your machine. This will result in an error similar to the one above.

In this case the only way forward is for your IT team to change to give your user account Local Admin rights, or for them to install .Net 4.6 or higher on your behalf. Once this has been completed you will be able to continue with the installation.