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Macro Installation


This article will walk you through how to install a macro, so that it can be accessed from the tool palette in the Designer. 


  1. Download or save a macro to a directory
  2. Open Alteryx Designer
  3. Click Options > User Settings > Edit User Settings
  4. Click the Macros tab within the User Settings window
  5. Click the + icon and select the directory used to save your macro(s)
  6. Enter a Category Name for the directory to appear as in the Designer
  7. Click OK
  8. Macro(s) will now show up in the category specified

Things to consider:

      - all macros within the folder specified will be installed

      - the category specified within the macro Meta Info will take priority over the Category Name specified in step 6:




Additional Tip:

A macro can be added to a workflow without installing it.  Do this by right-clicking on a blank-portion of your wokrflow and selecting Insert > Macro.., then navigate to the location of the macro you'd like to insert.


when I try to add the macro, it always gives the error informative: Nested Macro Locations are not supported. 

How to fix it?


Thanks for the great Macro, I was just about to make one myself when you saved me. Is there possibly a way to set up batches of samples? For instance if I have 100 records and I want to seperate them into 10 equally sized segments (1-10 , 11-20, 21-30.. 91-100). Cheers


@qqqwww  Are you adding the macro to your tool palette or to a workflow canvas?


@drom Which macro are you referring to?  If you want to bin your records you can use the Tile tool or if you want to run a batch process on the records, you can create a Batch macro.


@StephenW Sorry, might have posted this question under the wrong question. I am using a macro to pre-define the range of records to be used in the workflow. What I wanted to do is exactly what the Tile tool does. Thanks for the help!


@StephenW  There some path setting issue. But I have fixed it. thank you.




would the same steps apply when installing macros on Alteryx Server?


Thanks, Joanna



is it possible to get the names of workflows where a certain macro is used in a quick way (without having to open workflows)?



Hi @jcardoso


Because workflows are just XML, you can read .yxmd as a .csv with no delimiters and un-check first row contains field names. You can use a filter to search for .yxmc to see which macros are being used in a workflow. If you want to search multiple workflows, you can use a Directory Tool to get the full paths of workflows to feed into a Dynamic Input tool to read in multiple workflows and then Filter contains .yxmc.

Search Workflows For Macros.PNG



I am getting following error


1) Java 7 run time environment is installed

2) R package FSelector is installedCapture2.PNGCapture.PNG




I have Java 7 run time environment installed

FSelector is installed





Try using the Install R Packages workflow to install FSelector.  I think the package isn't being installed in the R environment that Alteryx uses.  The workflow will ensure it's installed in the correct spot.