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Licensing Series Part 2 - Installing Licenses

Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager
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Welcome to Part 2 of the License Series and how to install your Alteryx License. If you have not read  Part 1 of the series, we recommend starting from the beginning especially if you are new to Alteryx. 




11.8 and newer License FAQ - Licensing-FAQ-Alteryx-11-8 


11.7 and older licensing information below



We have two different ways to activate your license. A license key or a license file. A license key will be able to be used if the company has the setup as seen in Part 1 and has internet access. If the user does not meet the requirement, or does not have internet access, the user will have to use a license file. Both of these will be sent to you in an email.


Your license key or file is your access to Alteryx.


Licensing Issues or questions please email:


PLEASE KEEP YOUR LICENSE KEY EMAIL OR FILE. We ask that you keep this email due to equipment changes that may occur. This will make it easy and quick for you to get back up and running if for whatever reason you are no longer using Alteryx on your current machine.


Important: The license will be associated to a user's email. Only unique emails can be used with the license key. The user cannot use their email address more than once on the same key. Nor can a license be utilized with one email address on two machines simultaneously. Each machine and email needs to be licensed per your contract. If a user wants Alteryx deployed on more than one machine, the user would need two keys or use two seats with different emails on the same key.



Understanding Seats on your license:


License keys are created with a minimum of one seat and a maximum of 300. License Owners may distribute the key to as many named end users as there are seats.  For instance, if my license key contains 10 seats, the License Owner will distribute the license to 10 named end users to activate with their email address. Active named users will appear on the Gallery. See the ‘License Management’ section found in Licensing Series Part 3 for more information on how to manage users on the gallery and the responsibilities of a License Owner.


Here is what your license key email information consists of:

License Bundle

License Key

Number of seats

Expiration date of license


Licence Email.jpg


Alteryx Designer Install Screen:


Designer Install Screen.png



Server Activation Screen. This will be different from Designer as many of the activations will be offline:


Server install screen.png


Example of License File:

If you are using license files, you would receive an email from one of our Fulfillment team associates with the file attached. Save this file to the machine that has Alteryx deployed. Once saved, double click on the file and Alteryx will open with the License Manager window showing what is on the license file.



License File.png


When activating a license, you may receive the below window when you have the Alteryx Scheduler or Server installed making you aware that Admin rights are necessary to run these versions. If you have the Scheduler or Server please select the License Designer and Scheduler option:


Get Admin Rights.png


Manual Authentication:

In some cases, your license may need to be manually authenticated. The reason for this may be that the machine Alteryx is on has a proxy setting that does not allow Alteryx to get to its licensing server or that your machine is offline. The error below is asking to try and use the manual authentication process:


Manual Authentication.png


If you receive this suggestion, please select OK and send an email to with the Serial Number, System ID, and Request Code asking for the Unlock Code for Manual Authentication:


Authentication screen.jpg


Silent Install:

Installing a license key the AlteryxActivateLicenseKeyCmd executable can be found within the bin directory of the Alteryx install. The following command installs and authenticates a license key and produces an error on failure. Usage: AlteryxActivateLicenseKeyCmd.exe [LicenseKey] [User email address]


Installing a License File the SrcLicenseManager executable can be found within the bin\bin32 directory of the Alteryx install. The following command installs and authenticates a license file silently and does not produce any errors or warnings on failure.


Alteryx Command Line Install Guide


Usage: SrcLicenseManager




Now that you know how to install your license. Let's move onto Managing your License!

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