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Laboratory Tools - Visual Layout | Alteryx 11.7

PRODUCT: Alteryx Designer or Alteryx Server 
LAST UPDATE: 11/14/2017 


  Layout Tool.jpg

Yeah! Visual Layout Help


Caveat: This is a Laboratory Tool and is not for production use. It may have documented known issues, may not be feature complete, and is subject to change.


This tool is great now, but wait until we add all the other features! Please test this tool and give us your feedback. You can add your feedback about the tool here


We also have additional information about the tool from Katie's blog post here.


This article entails a list of what the tool can do at this point and what it can’t at this point. Also, short instructions on how to setup the tool. We will continue to add new features and update this article each time with what can do now!



                Element – These are the report pieces that are created from the Reporting tools.

                Drop Zone – Area where an element can be placed on the canvas.


Can Do:

  • Create single row report using different report elements
  • Drag and Drop elements on the canvas
  • Place elements where you want on the canvas
  • Choose the report output type and size
  • Adjust margins


Can’t Do

  • Join data together
  • Grouping
  • Borders
  • Include Source Fields in Output
  • Cell padding
  • Separator


How to use:

This tool will receive as many reporting elements as the user chooses since it has a Arrow.png.


This tool will also need to be run once the elements are connected to populate the tools element section.


Select the tool:


Click on Manage Layout:




When the tool is first opened the Page setup will be displayed for the user to choose Report Type, Paper Size, Margins etc.




Elements included in the tool will show represented by Alteryx colors. In this example, we have all of the different types of elements in the tool except the Image and Legend.


Next to the name of the element, it will tell you how many of that particular elements are available for you to add to the report. In this sample, each element type only has 1 element available.




This is your report canvas. Your initial element will be placed on the upper right hand corner of the canvas. We recommend working from top to bottom, placing headers or labels first and work your way down. From there you can make any adjustments by dragging the element in a couple of different ways.




This is the relocation bar. This allows you to delete the element from the canvas and allows you to drop the element in specific drop zones. This is used when you have multiple elements on the canvas.




The user now wants to place their chart on the canvas. The Drop Zones are designated by the green lines around the areas that you can drop the element.



The user has placed their chart on the right-hand side of the header. But who wants that there?




With a few simple moves with the relocation bar I have my element that I want and the top and the chart at the bottom.


The user can also move the element by selecting the element below the relocation bar.







The user has now moved the element to a different area of the canvas!




Thanks a lot for this post. I have some questions here:

If I want to render this to a PPT file, how can I control the layout using this tool (for example, I want to organize my elements on MULTIPLE, 16 x 9 slides... is this possible?

If not, do you know if there is roadmap for this development?



@jjsoh1226 this is possible, but you would have to use two Layout tools to render the two different layouts. In the future this will be possible to do in one tool, we just haven't gotten to that portion yet. Please make your comments for this feature in the feedback. As the more requests we get for this feature the higher priority it will receive.

Thank you DanM. 

1. "Please make your comments for this feature in the feedback" - sorry am I commenting in the wrong place?

2. "two Layout tools to render the two different layouts" - could I please see an example? Which tool should I use to join the 2 visual layout tools together, and render into a same file so the PPT would have multiple slides?


Thank you so much in advance!




Please add your feedback to the beta link at the beginning of the article.


This is what your setup would need to look like. You would still need to use an older Layout Tool to put the elements together since the new tools do not have grouping yet. I did find though that outputting to Powerpoint may have some issues at this point with recognizing the elements as one piece if you have more than one snippet within the element. So you may need to use something like PDF to output the pages and then transfer them to Powerpoint. This is still a work in progress so again any feedback is what we are looking for with the new tool.