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How to Save Your Predictive Model

Sr. Community Content Manager
Sr. Community Content Manager
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You've trained your model using historical data with a known outcome. (You've also done your due diligence by training many models, comparing them to each other, and selecting the best one.)




Now it's time to PREDICT, to use your model to score current data with an UNknown outcome. DON'T do the following:


Doing this will re-train the model every time you score new data, wasting time.


Instead, save the model to a yxdb file with an Output Data tool:


Then, in a separate workflow, read back in the saved model with an Input Data tool when scoring new data:


Two other ways to save a model:

  1. With the Deploy tool. This will save the model to Alteryx Promote for easy deployment and model management.
  2. With the Output Model tool. Use this tool if you need to leverage the model outside of Alteryx. See here for details.