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Exponential Regression

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With Alteryx, the power to blend, clean and perform advanced analytics on disparate data is as easy as dragging and dropping tools with the click of a mouse. The new release of Alteryx Designer 10.0 expanded our predictive analytics tools to include MB Affinity, Network Analysis, In-DB Linear and In-DB Logistic regression tools.


Alteryx also has the flexibility to add additional R packages not integrated with our robust collection of predictive tools. We have had a question arise from one of our clients asking where they can find exponential (non-linear) regression. The recommended the R package for this type of analysis is the “nlstools”.


For more information on this R package please find the below link for reference:


Also, please find the link for the Alteryx Gallery app below for reference on how to install additional R packages. If you need help with the process, please let us know, and we can get our R experts in Customer Support to assist with the setup. Just email us at!app/Install-R-Packages/57bb2a58a248970b4472c2e6


Tony Moses

Client Services Representative