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Can Alteryx Write Custom Messages to the Output Log?

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Can Alteryx Write Custom Messages to the Output Log?


Yes! Take a look at the Message Tool. This tool allows you to create custom messaging within Alteryx based on conditions you can specify.


First decide when you want the message to be sent to the output log:

Before First Record

Before Rows Where Expression is True (specify your condition in the expression box)

AFter Last Record

After All Downstream Tools Have Completed


Then you can specify the Message Type choosing from:



Field Conversion Error


Error - Stop Processing Records


Once you select your Message Type, you can choose your Priority from Normal, Medium, or High.


Finally you can specify what the message is actually going to say. Whatever you put in the Message Expression box will show up in the Output Log of the Results window. You can also build out your message using fields if you need to indicate what piece of the data is causing an issue or needs to be called out.


Pull together the options to customize the messages you're seeing so you can follow the progress of your workflows and data.