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Alteryx In-DB Connection File


As users collaborate, the sharing of workflows that connect to databases can be helpful. The In-DB Connection File type allows for this. A database connection is saved as an .INDBC file so it can be packaged with a workflow.


To create an In-DB Connection File that can be used on your workflow, go to Options > Advanced Options > Alias Manager > In-DB Connections.




Select the Data Source from the dropdown (1), for our example we will select Oracle, then pick File for the connection type (2), this option will ask you to navigate to a folder where the INDBC file will be stored and also will ask you to provide a name for this file (3).




Then proceed to set up your connection as you would normally do by selecting the appropriate driver and setting up the connection string for Read & Write.




Now that your connection file is created, the next step is to connect to your database using this file. Bring a Connect In-DB into your canvas, click on the dropdown for the Connection name and select Open File Connections, browse to your file and select it.




The next thing you will see the list of tables.





Select the table and/or write your query in the SQL Editor and proceed to build your workflow.


Now that you are ready to share, package your workflow by going to Options > Export workflow, notice that the INDBC file is being packaged with the workflow.





At the receiving end, the database drivers/client, data sources for that database should be installed and set up. The INDBC file looks like below, the password is encrypted.



Note: Workflow and all images created in this article are from Alteryx version 10.1



I am unable to see the Alias repository creating option in Alteryx 11.


Alteryx alian repository.png


Can you anyone help me out?







In Designer, navigate to Options > Advanced Options > Manage In-DB Connections.
The rest of the screens appear to follow in order once in the In-DB Connections Manager.



What is the "valid connection string"   I can't find instructions for this.   How do I tell it what DB to go to?

And this seems to use OCI, which is 32 bit, right?  But other documentation says IN DB uses only 64 bit drivers.


Never mind. I figured it out. You have to give the connection a name and determine where it is going to be saved then go on and create the connection and click ok.


I still think there is a gap in the instructions for this. while we can make in-DB connections via the Manage In-DB connections tab, I do not see any instructions or guidelines on how to create the .INDBC file.


Can anyone address this please? Thanks